Wet Tendril


Wet Tendril - Cast Bronze, Cast Glass, Stainless Steel - 7'x6'x1'

Wet Tendril is a stunning art installation perfect for any home or office decor. It stands at 7 feet tall and is made of cast bronze with stainless steel hairs and crystal dew drops in various sizes. This expressive piece captures the captivating allure of a fern tendril, with each of its hairs delicately draped with dew. Its piece’s organic sculptural form will create a captivating focal point in any interior, adding movement and life to your surrounding. Its beauty is extraordinary and will bring a serene, dreamy atmosphere. Wet Tendril will add a touch of nature to your home or office and is sure to be a showstopper of your home decor.

This piece is customizable in different sizes, materials and colors. Price and fabrication time will depend on the specific iteration and installation site.

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