My artistic practice is driven by my fascination with the intersections of nature, technology, and humanity. I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the science behind it, which I deconstruct into fundamental patterns and forms. I combine these elements in dynamic ways employing CAD, 3d printing,  silicone mold-making and multi-stage sculpting to create works that capture the essence of transformational energy present in all forms of matter.

My journey as an artist began with my father, who instilled in me a love of glass and the many techniques used to manipulate it. I have since expanded my repertoire to include a range of techniques, from cast crystal objects d'art to large-scale multi-media installations. My involvement in installations at Burning Man brought to my attention the powerful impact that scale can have on the viewer's experience, prompting me to explore the possibilities of casting transparent resins and incorporating controllable LED lighting, which has become a hallmark of my work.

My process involves careful refinement, where the creation of the basic form, surface design, coloring, and finishing are treated as distinct stages. Whether I’m analog sculpting with my arsenal of silicone molds, or CAD modeling, I integrate organic and geometric designs into the forms I create.

I believe that glass's transparency and the versatility of casting make it uniquely suited to address the challenging social issues of our ever-changing world. By integrating various natural and technological patterns into my work within the context of the human form, I aim to express the impermanent and interconnected nature of existence. My latest works seek to augment reality, stimulating the viewer to contemplate and digest the symbols in a new way.

My vision for a new line of work is to create sculptures that give shape to the intrinsic, ever-flowing energy that permeates the universe. Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns and fractals found in nature, including spirals, geometric shapes, and other natural forms, my sculptures will capture the essence of these patterns, allowing them to take on a physical presence that is both striking and beautiful. 

Through my art, I hope to challenge viewers to see beyond the surface of things and connect with the deeper forces that shape our world. I believe that my sculptures can serve as a bridge between the physical world and the unseen energy that drives it, inspiring contemplation, conversation, and a greater appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the universe we inhabit.