Pate De Verre Vase


Pate de Verre Peony Vase

This exquisite art nouveau vase will transport you to an elegant time past. Hand sculpted and crafted with precision, the artwork and intricate design of this piece is one of a kind. The beautiful vase has a seductive form, covered in hand-sculpted bas-relief poeny flowers that dazzle with their delicate, yet lush and vivid coloring. The special pate-de-verre technique was used to create this stunning piece, infusing the composition with a unique level of luminosity. This is a truly huge piece of pate-de-verre, in fact, there are not many pate-de-verre pieces that have ever been made at this scale. Impress your guests and bring a luxurious vintage look to any space with this sophisticated art nouveau vase.

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