Neon Orchid FractaGem


8"x8"x10", 4.5 kg cast crystal

The Neon Orchid FractaGem is an incredible glass sculpture that harkens to the magical combination of mathematics and biomimicry. Its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail is nothing short of spellbinding, creating an intricate Romanesque broccoli sculpture sitting atop a polished gem-like base. This mesmerizing piece is inspired by the Fibonacci spiral and the Phi ratio, representing natural phenomena through art.

The strength of this sculpture lies with its impressive creation method, the lost balloon casting method, where a silicone balloon of the art is used to produce the negative mold where the glass is cast. After being cut and optically polished, its numerous facets reveal a glistening marvel that shines even brighter when illuminated by the right light, showcasing an exquisite combination of science and creativity. Enhanced by a rare conical gem termination, this captivating sculpture is the embodiment of finely articulated art.

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