Ming FractaGem


7" x 7"x 4" , cast crystal

The FractaGem is a captivating and intricate glass sculpture which celebrates the magical combination of mathematics and biomimicry. This work of art demonstrates the creator's skill and attention to detail, exemplifying a Romanesque broccoli along with a gem-like finely faceted base. It draws inspiration from the Fibonacci spiral (an additive sequence) and the Phi ratio (a proportion found in nature). Moreover, this remarkable piece was crafted using the lost balloon casting method, where a silicone balloon of the sculpture is used to create a negative mold into which the glass is cast. After the glass has been cut to a fully terminated end and optically polished, the glistening end result truly captures the beauty of the fractal sculpture through its intricate details. When viewed with ideal lighting, the different facets of the glass sculpture emerge, capturing a spectacular and sophisticated piece of art.

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