Butterflies and Orchids


11"x11"x8", cast crystal

Chrysalis into flowering consciousness 

This glass sculpture, titled Butterflies and Orchids, depicts a woman’s bust adorned with butterfly wings, orchid petals representing an individual's chrysalis into a flowering consciousness. The figure is covered in an array of stunningly intricate details which compliment the woman's delicate features to stunning effect. The orchid petals are carefully crafted in shades of yellow, orange and pink, while the butterfly wings show off a delightful pale pink hue. The wings delicately wrap around the figure, providing an overall surreal and romantic vision. The chrysalis shape is sleek and eye-catching, adding a unique element to the sculpture, while the strategically placed details bring even more life and energy to the piece. This thoughtful representation of a woman’s beauty, with its combination of vibrant color and intricate detail, makes this glass sculpture a truly captivating piece.

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